Why are we here?

I started this blog a long time ago with all the best intentions to make it into a valuable source of information for anyone and everyone. However, it went the way of most blogs and without new posts the content became outdated and moderately cringe-worthy. So I am giving it another try, starting from scratch.

I don’t mean to get existential in my first post, I thought I should explain why I have started this blog. When I started my work in Parkinson’s disease I started to realise how many questions affected people had about their condition. They wanted to know why they were the way they were, and none of their health care professionals had the time to answer these questions. I talked to my participants in their sessions, and in my usual style I got overexcited about the wonderful plastic brain. I started to realise that they were getting excited too, and this was leading them to become inspired by the prospect of improvement and willing to work harder at overcoming their symptoms.

So I thought, how can I make this more widespread? How can I get my message out to the Parkinson’s community and beyond about the magic of neuroplasticity and the brain? So I started this blog. Maybe it will help someone, maybe I’ll be an interesting read on the bus for someone else, or maybe I’ll just finally have an outlet for all my neuro-excitement.

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